Julie Nguyen Permanent Make-Up Clinic

This clinic operates as a separate entity from Blu Water Day Spa.

Our award-winning and utterly talented artist, Julie Nguyen, has recently added ‘Microblading’ to her list of extremely effective Permanent Make-Up techniques. Microblading, also known as ‘Eyebrow Embroidery’ is a method which deposits pigments into the epidermis allowing the strokes to appear crisp and very fine. The results are perfect and natural looking eyebrows!

Eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. Eyebrows can make you look more youthful. Choose from the following: hair stroke technique (that gives the most natural look), full color technique (for a more solid effect), or individually placed strokes (to perfect your existing brows).


                     Julie Nguyen

               Eyebrow Guru &

    Permanent Make-Up Artist


  • Two Time “Best Brow” International

  • Award Winner- American Academy of Micropigmentation.

  • Featured in Daily Candy as “Golden Arches” in Eyebrow Design

  • Featured in Washingtonian Magazine as ‘Best Reshaping Eyebrows”

  • International Cosmetology Instructor 1995 – Present

  • AAM Certified Micro-pigmentation Instructor

  • AAM Advanced Certification Expert

  • American Cancer Society; Volunteer since 2004

  • PhiBrow Certified

**To see some of Julie's

work click here

Professional profile may be found



Ivetta Karapetian

Permanent Make-Up Artist

  • JNPMUC Certified Microblader

  • 17 years as a Senior Esthetician.

  • Certified PhiBrow Artist

  • Lash-lift Specialist

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work click here:



             Kelly Tran

     Permanent Make-Up Artist

  • Certified Microblading Artist

  • Certified Philash Artist

  • Skilled in Classic Lashes, Volumm, Hybrid and Mega.

  • Skilled in Brows Microblading

  • Skilled in Lashlifting

**To see Kelly's

work click here:

Tony Le

    Permanent Make-Up Artist

  • Certified Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

  • PhiContour Artist

  • Specializes in Permanent Top & Bottom Eyeliner

Consultations are requiredIt is a 15 minute appointment in which our permanent make-up artist will closely look at the client’s area of interest to determine if they are a good candidate and to answer any questions regarding the procedure, technique, color, pain, healing, after care, etc. It is preferred that the client comes in wearing make-up, although they should expect to have it removed during the consultation process. No drawing will be done during the consultation.  In the case of Permanent Make-Up service on eyebrows, the customization of the eyebrow design is the single most important part of the procedure, which may take up to an hour.


The consultation price is $30 and it will be applied toward the permanent make-up procedure if the client decides to continue with the service.  


For your convenience consultations via e-mail are FREE! Send an email to pmu@bluwaterdayspa.com subject line: Consultation , with the name of the person you'd like to see. In the email include: your information (including your phone number), two close-up photos of your face; One with make-up  and the other with no make-up,  and a description of what you are trying to achieve with the tattoo. You will receive a response within 48 business hours.


Microblading with Julie: 

Initial Service $800

Color Perfecting Touch Up (must be done within first 3 Months) $50

Touch Up after 3 Months $300

Microblading with Ivetta & Kelly:

Initial Service $600

Color Perfecting Touch Up (must be done within first 3 Months) $50

Touch Up after 3 Months $250

Ombre Powder Brows with Tony:

Initial Service $700

Color Perfecting Touch Up (must be done within first 3 Months) $50

Touch Up after 3 Months $300

Permanent Eyeliner With Tony:

Lower Liner: $300

Upper Liner: $350-$400

Upper/Lower Liner Combo: $650

Color Perfecting within 3 months: $100
Eyeliner Refresh: Upper: $300/ Lower:$200/Combo:$400   

Permanent Lips With Tony:

Full Lip: $800

Lip Liner: $500

Color Perfecting touch up with in 3 months: $100

Refresh Full Lip: $400
Refresh Lip Liner: Upper: $250

*Clients that have had permanent makeup performed by another technician outside of our clinic will be charged the full price regardless of the procedure



Permanent eyeliner is a specialized service that defines the color and shape of the eye. The artist is able to customize the eyeliner based on the client's desired look, coloring and style. Creating a soft line will allows for subtle enhancement of the eye area, where the thicker, bolder line allows the eyes to stand out and have a more dramatic effect.



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