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* Classic Pedicure *

Using disposable implements, this classic pedicure includes nail filing, shaping and smoothing, cuticle treatment, buff shine or polish and massage.

Pedicure (45 Minutes - 60 Minutes) $50

Express Pedicure- Does not include massage. (30 Minutes) $45

* Champagne & Rose Pedicure*

The ultimate calming and hydrating treatment for feet! With 20% Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, vitamins A, C & D, these services will restore the skin's water lipid layer and increase the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cells, neutralizing free radicals and protecting connective tissue.

(75 Minutes) $85

* French Pedicure *

(45 Minutes - 60 Minutes) $55

* Duration may vary. *

* Gel Pedicure *

Gel polish removed, followed by a gel manicure.

(60 Minutes - 75 Minutes) $75


* Gentlemen's Pedicure *

Massage and moisturize feet. We have designed a pedicure for men that will leave them with a clean professional look. Nails are buffed or given a matte finish.

Pedicure (45 Minutes) $50


* Youth (10 and under) *

We gently file and shape young nails as we pamper your child with our gentle moisturizing cream then complete the service with natural shine or polish.

Pedicure (45 Minutes) $35


* Polish Change *

Toes (30 Minutes) $30

Toes with French (30 Minutes) $35

Toes with Gel (45 Minutes) $45

* Duration may vary *

Nail Rituals

* The Royal Pedicure *

Experience the ultimate indulgence combining the most recent techniques and natural products leaving you detoxified, hydrated and deeply relaxed.  After check in, a spa concierge will escort you to our changing area for a fluffy robe, comfy slippers, and a locker to store your belongings. Once you are seated we will serve you with your choice of wine, tea or champagne and you are fitted with a warm neck pillow, and a fluffy blanket. The service then begins with a milk foot soak to begin the softening process, followed by a classic pedicure with extensive callus treatment to soften the soles of your feet. We then move on to our Exfoliating Treatment that will remove all dead skin and bring a shine to your feet. To help relax any tired or over used muscles we perform a hot stone massage in combination with Reflexology and Combat Balm. We end this experience with your choice of polish.

(90 min) $100

* Apothecary Pedicure *

Blu Water has taken the traditional spa treatment to the next level and back in time. Our innovative Apothecary Bar truly customizes personal blends and essential oils to meet your specific needs. This signature ritual starts with a trip to our Apothecary Bar to select your choice of herbs and essential oils to be used in this treatment. An aromatic, warm, neck and shoulder trigger point pillow will be provided when seated at station. The service then begins with an aromatic foot or hand soak, followed by a classic pedicure, exfoliating mask treatment and massage. You may choose one of our featured blends:

    * Relaxing

    * Detoxifying

    * Energizing

    * Muscular Recharge​

Pedicure (75 Minutes - 90 Minutes) $85

* Salt Glow Pedicure * 

An invigorating exfoliating treatment for the feet, this service combines the refining power of Ancient Mineral Salts with the richness of treatment oil. Salt Glow diminishes stains and removes embedded oil and dirt while polishing your skin to a healthy glow. 


(60 Minutes - 75 Minutes) $65

* Pumpkin Spice Pedicure *

With the combination of Pumpkin Spice scrub, moisture mask and butter cream, this is an excellent treatment for all skin types, especially environmentally damaged or sensitive skin. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, C and Zinc. It removes dead cells while its beta-carotene-rich antioxidants nourish your skin, leaving it smooth and glowing. In addition, the feet massage will simulate blood circulation allowing a complete relaxation.

Hands (45 Minutes) $50

Feet (75 Minutes) $85

* Featured Spa Pedicure *

Discover our latest spa experience featuring four exquisite scents: Relaxing Lavender, Energizing Tangerine, Calming Cannabis Sativa, and Detoxifying Charcoal Detox. Our custom fragrances are safe and certified, enhancing your mood and transporting you to a serene oasis. Enhance your experience with our rejuvenating treatments, including sea salt soaks, sugar scrubs, and luxurious mud masks, leaving your skin refreshed, rejuvenated, and glowing

(75 Minutes) $85

* Collagen Pedicure *

Turn back the hands of time with this intensive treatment beginning with a classic pedicure followed by a therapeutic massage with collagen ampoule, which leaves the skin hydrated, nourished and firm. Warming mitts are also used to intensify the results.


(75 Minutes) $75

* Hot Stone Ritual *

Experience the most wonderful stress relieving foot treatment. Your journey begins with a Classic Pedicure followed by a Hot Stone massage designed to relax and restore a sense of balance to the feet.


Hands (45 Minutes) $50

Feet (75 Minutes) $85

* Organic Hand Spun Sugar Scrub Pedicure *

An invigorating exfoliating treatment for the feet. Sugar helps the skin retain its moisture and ensures the skin is hydrated. Sugar is also known to be a pure and natural source of glycolic acid which helps break down dead skin cell. While natural oils help nourish and polish your skin to a healthy glow. 


(60 Minutes) $65

Nail ADD-ONS (upon request)


* Gel Polish to Any Nail Enhancement Service * 

* Duration may vary. * $25

* Salt Glow Treatment *

(15 Minutes)  $15

* Organic Sugar Scrub *

(15 Minutes)  $15

* Minx Design for Toes *


(last up to one week)

Minx without Pedicure (60 Minutes) $60
With Manicure (90 Minutes) $85

* Duration may vary *

* French to Any Nail Service *

* Duration may vary. * $5

* Paraffin Treatment *

* Duration may vary. * $25


* Collagen Treatment *

* Duration may vary. * $25


* Add Callus Removal *

* Duration may vary. * $10

* Nail Art *

Starting at $8 -Manicure

* Duration may vary. *

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