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Our Partners


       Glam2Love's mission is to provide professional and innovative tools allowing customers to enjoy the salon and spa experience at home. Skillfully designed and meticulously crafted cosmetic tools create an easy and dependable way to enhance natural beauty. Glam2Love was built on a "pay it forward" platform philanthropic practices are our passion.

"Share the Glam" Project


       Glam2Love beauty accessories has partnered with Arches of Love in this amazing project. For the purchase of every pair of Glam2Love eyebrow wigs a new pair will be given to a person in need. If you wish to support this project and "Share the Glam" please contact

Arches of Love Foundation


       Arches of Love's mission is to provide innovative solutions to those suffering from various hair-loss related health challenges. The goal at Arches of Love is to make a difference in the lives of men and women and empower them to look and feel better.


       Arches of Love works with Civic  Groups, Foundations, Medical Professionals and Volunteers to create an organization dedicated to assisting individuals restore self-cinfidence. Since its inception, Arches of Love has increased awareness through education and has provided nurturing services for those in need.

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