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Julie Nguyen Permanent Make-Up Clinic:


This clinic operates as a separate entity from Blu Water Day Spa.

Our Team of Professionals

  • Certified Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

  • PhiContour Artist

  • Specializes in Permanent Top & Bottom Eyeliner



Tony Le - Permanent Make-Up Artist



       Permanent eyeliner is a specialized service that defines the color and shape of the eye. The artist is able to customize the eyeliner based on the client's desired look, coloring and style. Creating a soft line allows for subtle enhancement of the eye area, while a thicker, bolder line allows the eyes to stand out and have a more dramatic effect.

Consultation - $30


       Consultations are requiredIt is a 15 minute appointment in which our permanent make-up artist will closely look at the client’s area of interest to determine if they are a good candidate and to answer any questions regarding the procedure, technique, color, pain, healing, after care, etc. It is preferred that the client comes in wearing make-up, although they should expect to have it removed during the consultation process. No drawing will be done during the consultation.  In the case of Permanent Make-Up service on eyebrows, the customization of the eyebrow design is the single most important part of the procedure, which may take up to an hour.


The consultation price is $30, and it will be applied toward the permanent make-up procedure if the client decides to continue with the service.  


For your convenience consultations via e-mail are FREE!

1. Send an email to

2. Subject line: Consultation , with the name of the person you'd like to see.

3. In the email include: your information (including your phone number), two close-up photos of your face; One with make-up  and the other with no make-up, and a description of what you are trying to achieve with the tattoo.

You will receive a response within 48 business hours!


Permanent Eyeliner With Tony:

Lower Liner: $350

Upper Liner: $400

Upper/Lower Liner Combo: $700

Color Perfecting within 3 months: $100
Eyeliner Refresh: Upper: $350/ Lower:$250/Combo:$500   

Permanent Lips With Tony:

Full Lip: $800

Lip Liner: $500

Color Perfecting touch up with in 3 months: $100

Refresh Full Lip: $500
Refresh Lip Liner: Upper: $250

*Clients that have had permanent makeup performed by another technician outside of our clinic will be charged the full price regardless of the procedure

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