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A Message from Our CEO

Dear Guests,



       My vision of building a spa has been my dream since I arrived on American soil from Vietnam at the age of 16. I have always been an entrepreneur and my ability to realize my dream of opening a full-service spa has come with much hard work and dedication. My dream, now my reality, was in the opening of Blu Water Day Spa, Nails, and Boutique – a spa that provides an ambiance and service selection that is a cultural blend of Asian/Indian influence.



       My vision is to provide a sanctuary for each and every guest in a peaceful environment that will allow for relaxation, rejuvenation and a place to re-energize ones’ spirit. We are all “caretakers” in one way or another and often we forget about the person most important – ourselves. Caretakers often forget that “self-care” is tremendously important. We must all remind ourselves that giving time to yourself is not selfish. Taking care of one’s “SELF” first, makes taking care of others so much easier.




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Julie Nguyen

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